The Rift By Drew Chase

Not long ago, Drew Chase contacted me and asked me to check out his blog, which features his online YA supernatural thriller, The Rift.  I thought this was a cool idea anyway, but then when I saw it takes place in my home town, I was really excited.  And I don’t mean Atlanta, I mean my little chunk of suburbia upbringing,  Lawrenceville, Georgia.  Small world, huh?  Anyway, the story follows Jason West, a kid with serious anger issues who is starting yet another private school that he will surely get kicked out of.  The school seems normal, until he meets his new roomies, and they are…well…not human.   Drew updates the story every Monday at midnight and is currently on chapter 9 of the story, where Jason is starting to get some answers about what is really going on at the school.  I can’t review this or anything because it’s still near the beginning of the story.  But I can say that I liked what I read so far (chapters 1-9) and I really like the idea of reading a book on a blog that updates weekly.  Its YA, but there has already been a really bloody scene, so it’s not THAT YA.  So check it out, add it to your google reader or whatever you use to blog stalk, and enjoy!