Why I Heart My Kindle: In Depth

I have gotten so many questions about my kindle lately; I thought I would write a VERY detailed description of the pros and cons of owning a Kindle. 


  1. Physical:  Since owning the Kindle I have realized the beauty of reading hands free.  If you are sitting on the couch, or curled up in bed, you can rest the kindle on your knees.  You only have to free a hand long enough to click the next page button.  You don’t have to worry about a heavy hard back sliding off your lap on onto your poor dog who insists on sleeping on your feet.  No pages to handle, which is oh-so-nice on a windy day (or breezy locale like the beach or a cruise ship pool deck).  No wrist aches from holding books open.  An added bonus is I have mastered resting my kindle on my knees while holding a wine glass in the other.  There really isn’t anything that makes me happier than this set-up (too bad wine makes me so sleepy). 
  2. Convenience:  Have you ever been in the middle of a series on a Sunday night and finished a book with a huge cliffhanger only to realize the bookstores are closed and you are basically screwed until the next day?  That is not a concern with a Kindle.  While I do find it easier to get on amazon.com to search for books, you can get books directly on your Kindle in the Kindle store.  No book has ever taken longer than 30 seconds for me to download, and I have only had a problem finding a book I wanted two or three times.  You just really can’t beat the speed and ease of getting books this way.
  3. Reading on the Sly:  If you are like me, you read some sexy books with unfortunate covers.  I cannot tell you how many times I recommend books to my friends and get the reply “there is no way I am carrying around a book with a cover like that!”  Well, I can’t really argue with that, but I honestly don’t even think about covers unless I am adding them to the blog.  To be honest, I might have passed on half the books currently sitting in my archive if I had to carry around the actual book.  And now that I have this blog and so many new bloggy friends, so of my reading selections are even more risqué, so the no cover thing is really great.
  4. Highlighting and Bookmarking:  I really didn’t use these features until I started the blog.  I quickly learned I was missing out on serious coolness.  The bookmark feature makes the page look like you folded the edge, which I think is so effing cute.  And when you highlight an area, you can then type comments, which are all collected on one page you can pull up at any time.  So handy for writing book reviews.  (I am also really looking forward to going back one day and reading my comments!  There are several “super hotness!”  or “That Bastard!” tags all over my e-books)
  5. No backlight:  I know a lot of people see this as a flaw, but I think the e-ink technology and lack of backlighting is so much easier on the eyes.  Like 99.9% of the population, I spend most of the day staring at a computer screen, so I really don’t want that effect when I read at home.  I have tried reading via the kindle for PC app and I think it’s too harsh on the eyes.  Plus there are several attachable lights available, so I have never missed the lack of backlighting at all.  This is actually the main reason I have no interest in the iPad.
  6. Available space:  My little Smut Slut (my Kindle) and I are quickly approaching our 1st anniversary as Kindle and Wife.  I read A LOT and I think I can still put about 1000 books on her before I need to start serious archiving.  But until then, I am just being lazy about it.
  7. Covers, Skins, Floatation Devices:  Actually, this might actually be a con, because if you want to lose a day of your life, start looking at all of your options for protecting your Kindle.  There are thousands, all different styles, colors, materials.  My litte Smut Slut is currently rockin’ a fuschia silicone skin, but it’s getting a little worn, so she has a UGA red skin waiting in her drawer.
  8. Kindle Freebies and Cheapies: This is by far my favorite thing about the Kindle.  I have discovered countless authors, series and subgenres this way.  It seems that more publishers are catching onto this, and are now releasing books and novellas (at least in UF and PNR) free for a limited time.  Is this a shameless ploy to suck you into a series that is already 9 books strong? Of course.  (*cough* The Hollows)  Do I care? Nope.  I think I can safely say that 30-50% of my Kindle books have resulted from free downloads and I have really enjoyed almost all of them.
  9. Free Samples:  For every free book I have enjoyed, there are about 3 samples sitting on my Kindle that were never purchased.  Usually you can get at least the first chapter of a book (sometimes 2) free so you can decide whether you want to make the purchase.  I LOVE this feature as I can usually tell immediately whether I will like the book enough to finish it.



  1. …This is harder than the pros.  My biggest issue right now with the Kindle is more with Amazon the e-book wars.  I won’t start ranting about that here, but you can just google “e-book wars” and learn all about the BS going on with Amazon and the big publishers.  Basically, if a big release for one of your favorite series is coming out soon (*cough* Lover Mine *cough*), you may not be able to get it on Kindle because the publishers want to be able to charge more than $9.99 and Amazon is against this.  I think this will all work itself out like the napster/mp3 drama years ago, but Kindle owners who just want to read their favorite books are caught in the crossfire until then.
  2. Pasty skin:  The Kindle is all stark white and pasty.  If you are wearing make-up, scratch your face and then hold your Kindle, it will also be wearing make-up.  So basically, you need a cover of some sort, or you will get up close and personal with all the grime that lives on your body.  Ick.
  3. Missing Books:  This has only happened a few times, but it was more than enough to send me cussing around the house as I got dressed to head to B&N.  I was reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I had read the first 5 or so, and then I went to buy the 6th in the Kindle store and for some reason it wasn’t available.  No idea why.  But now I have ONE book from the series sitting on my bookshelf.  Grrrrr. 
  4. Jealous Husband/Kids/Dogs/Friends:  Owning a Kindle has seriously impacted my social life.  My reading stamina has greatly increased (see Pros).  And since I don’t have to worry about going to bookstores, when I finish a book, I just start another one immediately.  …This sounds gross and pathetic so I am moving on.
  5. The Damn ‘Buy with 1 click’ button:  My credit card attached to my Kindle HATES ME.  Amazon makes it way too easy to spend money on the Kindle.  Once you store your credit card information, you never have to do it again.  This has gotten me into serious trouble when I go on pre-order shopping sprees.  So dangerous. 


I think that’s it. I have thought of every possible scenario in which I have done something other than sigh happily when holding my wonderful Kindle.  If I have left something out, feel free to ask.  As you can see, I have no problem talking about this.