Kindle Freebies: Naughty Nooners

Just a FYI for everyone:  There seems to be abundance of smutty short stories available for free on Kindle right now.  One of my goodreads groups says they are called “Naughty Nooners” because they can be read at lunch.  Heehee.   Here is a link to one:


And another:

Shapeshiter’s Craving

But there are several others.  Just go to: –> Kindle –> Books –> Kindle Bestsellers and scroll through the right column where the free books are listed.  I haven’t read any yet, but I plan on checking them out later.  Enjoy!

Kindle Freebie: Regina in the Sun By R.G. Alexander

From  There’s only one place left to run-into forbidden arms. Children of the Goddess Book 1 Children of the Goddess Book One When she arrives at Ye Olde Haven Pub, the sanctuary for Trueblood Vampires, Regina is wounded and desperate. Her only thought is to save the Deva Clan, her family, from the dangerous Loups De L’Ombre, the Shadow Wolves. She knows she will not exactly be welcomed with open arms. She is, after all, an Unborn, the lowest caste of Vampire.

 As a natural born from the purest line, Zander Sariel knows the rules are sacrosanct-a Trueblood mates with his own kind. But one taste of the young Unborn is all Zander needs to know that rules were made to be broken.  With enemies at every turn, Zander risks everything to save Regina from the monster that hunts her, his own kind-s ignorance and-if he must-her lack of faith in her own unique abilities.  Only together do they have a chance to defeat the shadow that haunts their future, and save their entire race from extinction.  Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, voyeurism of an m/m/f menage-a plethora of vampire nookie.



Regina is a member of the Deva clan of undead vampires, meaning they were turned, not born that way.  She is on the run from the Shadow Wolves, werewolves who use black magic and thought to be extinct.  Her maker Liz, once told her of the kindness of the Sariel Trueblood clan and the sanctuary to be found at their pub Haven.  Regina flees to Haven after escaping the leader of the Shadow Wolves, Grey Wolf, in hopes of warning her clan.  Grey Wolf is interested in Regina’s special gifts that no other Unborn possesses.  Zander and Lux Sariel (AKA Big and Tasty) take Regina in, without knowing of the danger that follows her.  In Regina’s world, Trueblood vamps, Unborn vamps and Weres do not get along.  However, their Goddess fated them to find their one true mate in any of the 3 species that they could procreate with.  Regina has found her mate at Haven, but the newly-mated happiness is short lived when Grey Wolf comes knocking on Haven’s door.  In the face of the new threat from the Shadow Wolves, the Truebloods and Unborns are forced to get over the prejudice and politics and save their race.   

I find that certain books are great for certain moods.  I just came off a complicated urban fantasy, and I was starting to feel bad for my little PNR tag getting lost in my tag cloud.  I wanted a simple, completely smutty PNR.  You know the type: guy sees girl, gets painful erection, girl gets excited by this, they get it on, and fall madly in love and/or are mated in less than 48 hours.  Plot is there but takes a backseat to the lusty alpha male and whatever location he won’t let his woman escape from.  Sometimes, I just need these kinds of books.  They are like palette cleansers.  If you need these as well, Regina in the Sun is the book for you!  Zander and Lux are so freakin hot!!  And the sex scenes were out of this world! There was this one scene where Lux and …some other people were….yeah and Regina was in the doorway…and yeah…and then Zander…WHOA…you get the picture.  I am happy to report that this scene will stay with me for a while and I could not get my hands on the 2nd book in this series (Lux in Shadows) fast enough!  So…you know pretty much all you need to about this book.  Hence the mini-review is born!  Enjoy! I have a date with Lux!

Rating: 8.5

Oh, and in the spirit of Earth Day, the Kindle version of this book is free! So get that, instead of the dead tree edition.  Yep, that’s me, Kindlelicious: Saving the world one erotic download at a time.