Primal Hunger & Primal Attraction by Sydney Somers

From the sun goes down, passion is unleashed.

Pendragon Gargoyles, Book 1

Kennedy Beaumont loves her bartending job, even if her spirited nature sometimes gets her in trouble. Like threatening to hose down one of Pendragon’s co-owners. When it comes to Tristan, she could use a good hosing down herself-maybe it’ll help her stop casting him as the star of her wickedest dreams. Since he goes out of his way to avoid her, it ought to be easy to put him out of her head-until he reluctantly offers her a ride home.

Gargoyle shape-shifter Tristan Callaghan hasn’t had time for anything other than recovering the mystical dagger that was used to permanently lock his brother in a prison of stone. The cat inside him should have stopped craving Kennedy’s touch long ago, but now that she’s sitting next to him in his car, his very human need for her is sharper than ever.

The distraction is costly. In a split second, Kennedy finds herself thrust into a dangerous, millennia-old hunt for Excalibur. A hunt that marks her for death-and leaves Tristan with a painful choice-sacrifice his family, his quest…or the one woman meant to be his.

Warning: There’s nothing tame about this alpha male hell-bent on claiming his mate. Featuring bone-melting explicit sex, graphic language, violence and a little harmless bite…or two.


He’ll stop at nothing to claim her- If she doesn’t kill him first.

Pendragon Gargoyles, Book 2

A lethal huntress, Sorcha lives to track and eliminate rogue immortals-until her latest assignment turns out to be a sexy, gargoyle shape-shifter. From the start she-s shaken by the lust his touch awakens inside her. Not only that, but the cat is convinced she-s his mate, and for the first time, she-s unable to kill her target.

Still mourning the loss of his mate, Cale is stunned to find Sorcha alive. Yet the woman he aches to possess doesn’t-t recognize him and is after the only thing that will save his brother-a mystical weapon that will lead to Excalibur.

Determined to protect his family and reclaim his mate, Cale ruthlessly takes advantage of Sorcha-s one weakness-her desire for him. Desire that could unlock their past-or cause him to lose her all over again.

Warning: Featuring a sarcastic, ass-kicking heroine going toe-to-toe with the stubborn shifter who-s dead set on reclaiming his mate. Also contains graphic violence, death-threat foreplay and scorching sex that will make you roll over and purr.

The Drama:  In Primal Hunger we are introduced to a family of Gargoyle, cat-shifters cursed to spend the daylight hours in stone for their role in the death of Arthur.  Yes, the Arthur, as in Camelot and such.  Tristan has just returned from retrieving a dagger thought to aide him in releasing his brother Cian from his stone prison, but these same daggers are also thought to point to the whereabouts of Excalibur.  If Excalibur is located, Arthur can return, so his mother, the Goddess Rhiannon, is very interested in retrieving it.  Unfortunately, Morgana wants Excalibur for her own selfish reasons, so all those seeking to appease her are after the daggers as well.  When a wraith is contracted to retrieve the dagger from Tristan, Kennedy is caught in the middle.  A bartender at his brother’s club, Kennedy has been secretly lusting after Tristan for months.  When he is attacked outside the club, Kennedy is forced to get him to safety at his brother Cale’s home.  Tristan must figure out a way to get rid of the wraith while keeping the dagger and protecting Kennedy and figure out who is behind the attacks. 

Primal Attraction takes place around the same time as Primal Hunger and deals with why Cale has seemingly disappeared.  Rhiannon has tasked her huntress Sorcha to kill Cale for threatening to sell the dagger Tristan retrieved.  Hunters are responsible to taking care of anyone who threatens to reveal the existence of the fae, and they are pretty deadly, but part of the deal is having their memories wiped every 100ish years.  When Sorcha approached Cale about the dagger, Cale is convinced the huntress is his dead mate.  Sorcha has no memories of Cale, but for some reason is hesitant to kill him.  Cale had no intention to sell the dagger, just to find the sorceress who can assist in using it to wake Cian.  Somehow Cale has to convince Sorcha that he is innocent of the charges and that she truly is his mate.

The Smut:  Oh the smut.  I’m actually shocked I remember the plot at all, and to be honest, after the first love scene I was like “what plot?”  In this series, as soon as the lovers are alone, it’s on!  There really isn’t a ton of sexual tension, no building up to the money shot, just one big romp-fest.  I mean, Tristan and Kennedy don’t leave any rooms in Cale’s mansion underutilized.  And Cale and Sorcha’s locales are just plain HOT.  Hidden Avalonian Lagoon, stairwells, Rhiannon’s throne room….yummmmm.  Somehow these scenes don’t seem cliché though, just really well-written.  But seriously, these gargoyles\cats\whatevers have one-track minds and I am a fan.  Here is my fav quote:  “His hand slid down her neck, his thumb doing that seductive sweeping thing to her throat.  ‘If it means that I get to spend every day figuring out how to make you laugh and smile, and every night learning how to drive you absolutely wild in bed, then that’s more than okay with me.’”  Le sigh. 

The Rant:  It’s a good thing when my rant is about these books being too short, right?  I really could have dealt with at least 100 or so more pages.  I felt like while the smut was VERY well-developed, the plot was not.  In Primal Hunger, you learn just enough about Avalon, Arthur and gargoyles to get by, and there isn’t really a ton more information in Primal Attraction.  I was confused by the whole gargoyle thing at first, I thought it was just a cruse, but then other gargoyle clans started popping up, so I kinda figured it out.  But I still want to know more about their role in the war that Arthur died in and more about the powers they possess.  I guess if I were to use proper terms here, I would say the world-building could use some work.  And while I thought Cale and Tristan were super yummy, I really couldn’t distinguish them in my head.  They are both dark-haired, blue-eyed hornballs, so it felt like I was reading about the same guy twice.  I would have like to seen a little more personality there so I can tell them apart.  Oh, and my inner middle-schooler really loved the name Kennedy.  Made me reminisce on old-school MTV VJ goodness.  But overall I really enjoyed these books and was genuinely disappointed they weren’t longer.  They are great Kindle bargains though, both are under $5. 

Rating:  8 for both smut-fests.