Don’t hate the player…

There is another side of Kindlelicious.  I am a gamer.  Fairly hardcore, but often disillusioned by recent games.  I guess I am old-school in that I am sick of games where cut scenes fill the majority of play time (looking at you Uncharted 2!).  I don’t mind cut scenes, if they are crucial to game play, but I prefer to be actually playing my games.  Sadly, I don’t find many games these days where cut scenes are kept to a minimum.  Luckily for me, Transformers: War for Cybertron came out this week.  I have this thing for Transformers, you see.  My inner tom-boy squeals with glee anytime Optimus is on the screen.  My husband and I are so crazy about Transformers in fact, that this was our groom’s cake:

Pretty awesome, eh?  I know what you are thinking…my husband is indeed a lucky man.  😉  Anyway, I doubt many people looking for PNR/UF reviews could care less about how awesome the game is, but just in case…IT ROCKS.  Seriously, so much fun.  I won’t get into lengthy discussions on graphics and all, because honestly, most ps3/Xbox games look great these days.  What I will say is the switching between humanoid and vehicle form is very well done (and yes, you can switch in mid-air. WOOT!), the weapons are awesome (some more than others) and you get to play with all the best characters from the cartoons and movies.   Currently, my husband and I are playing the Autobot campaign in co-op mode with a friend how lives 1.5 hours away and having a blast.  My poor Kindle though, is in the corner pouting, this is the longest she has been neglected in a while.  Poor thing.  Oh well…back to Optimus.

Rating: 9