Review Policy

I, Kindlelicious, do solemnly swear to not accept any sort of incentives for giving good reviews.  I write how I think, based on the experience I had while reading the book.  If I do rant about a book, it’s usually about something that happened in the book, not how it was written.  I don’t give bad reviews lightly, as I want to enjoy your book as much as you want me to recommend it to others.  If you give me an ARC, it’s usually in Kindle format, so I couldn’t resell it, even if I wanted to, which I don’t.  I would much rather give books away to those who read my ramblings week after week.  I love learning about new books that aren’t necessarily on the bestseller list, and if it’s good, I love being able to help pimp someone’s hard work to my followers.  If you are cool with the Kindlelicious Guarantee and still want me to read your stuff, contact me at:

kindleliciousreads {at} gmail {dot} com

or on twitter: @kindlelicious

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