Dark Obsession (Shadow Destroyers #4) By Sydney Somers

From Goodreads.com:  Scorching desire…fatal consequences.

Demon slayer Rae McAvoy refuses to let anything stand between her and getting the job done. Especially her ex. Loving Parker nearly destroyed her, and if partnering with him one last time means he’ll be reassigned and out of her life for good, bring it on.

If Parker was the only threat to her heart, tracking down one rogue scientist would be a snap. Except the scientist in question is Rae’s father, and his experiments are hitting much too close to home.

Parker Walsh hasn’t forgotten the passion that once burned between them, and he’s determined to remind Rae every chance he gets. But giving in to more than just lust could mean surrendering to the darkness inside him—the same darkness that once drove her away.

Riding the edge of their rising desire pushes them to the breaking point, until an explosion of passion raises the stakes even higher. Especially when long-buried secrets force them to break the last links to their past—or else be consumed by an obsession so dark it could tear them apart for good.

Disclaimerlicious: The author asked me to review this book.

Bare with me, since I came in on the 4th book of the series, my plot synopsis may not be great.   Shadow Destroyers are humans gifted with a gene that allows them to acquire a demon’s abilities once they are ‘initiated’ or first encounter a demon.  The abilities gained depend on the type of demon; lust, storm, telepath, etc.  Parker Walsh was initiated by a lust demon (rawr!), and he also happens to be Rae’s ex-live-in-boyfriend.  Rae is…something else entirely.  When Parker is reassigned to Rae’s area to investigate a string of missing children cases thought to be Shadow related, he decides he has to try to win her back.  Unfortunately, due to the HORRIFIC nature of their break-up, Rae is not interested.  Of course, when they start traveling cross-country following leads on the missing kids, Parker kind of makes himself…unavoidable. 

The Good:  Two Words come to mind for this book: Sexual Tension.  I felt like I could slice it with a knife it was so thick!  Parker and Rae’s history, jaded feelings and remaining (and unwelcome) lust is the heart of this book and I was very affected by it.  Actually, anyone who has ever survived a serious break-up will probably be affected by this book.  It was slightly more somber than the PNR I am used to because of the heavy break-up discussions, but I appreciated this, as it really made me pull for them as a couple.  There were some lighter bits, like Rae’s devil cat that hates Parker, that I loved.  Nothing sucks worse than your pet trying to take out your lover in his sleep!  I also really liked the whole humans becoming like demons thing, what a cool idea.  Best way to fight demons? Steal their powers! Makes so much sense! 

The Bad:  The only thing I can really say here is while the books could stand alone, I really don’t think they should.  I really only say that because there are several of supporting characters that I could tell hooked up in previous books, and it sorta drove me crazy wondering about them.  I got a little lost on the whole Shadow Destroyers mythos as well, I felt I really could have benefitted from more back story.

The Bumpin’ Uglies:  I could sum this entire section up by saying: Sex or almost-sex in inappropriate places.   🙂   Parker attempts to seduce Rae in the strangest places: Against the vending machine, kitchen floor, you get the gist.  I loved this! I thought it was hysterical and really HOT.  I think I remember public-ish sex being a problem in the Pendragon Gargoyles series as well, must be a running theme….one that receives the Kindlelicious Stamp of Approval.   And then after said PDA episodes, seeing Darcy the Telepath have to filter Parker’s thoughts was hilarious:

“He might have even gotten her up on the edge bar where he could have worked her pants off and started the whole process over again, much, much lower.


Yanked from his thoughts, he straightened in his chair.

‘Dial it down buddy’, Darcy tapped her temple.  ‘At least go with the PG version if you feel compelled to think so hard.”

I thought Parker and his lusty demon ways were really hot.  His confidence (arrogance?) and those silver eyes were yummy.  If you are looking for some fun, steamy PNR, then I recommend adding Sydney Somers to your list.

Rating: 8


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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mandi
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 20:32:20

    I skimmed this because I am reading this next week, but I did read it was hard to read as a stand alone. I heard someone else say this as well. We shall see how I fare. I have read one other Sydney Somers book (not in this series) and really enjoyed it.


  2. Fiction Vixen
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 21:31:33

    I’ve seen a couple of reviews where people were able to read and review this one stand alone. I tried and couldn’t catch on. Maybe it was just my frame of mind? I’m thinking maybe I’ll go back and give it a go. I do love Sydney Somers voice.


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