My UF/PNR Top 5 List

Everyone has a Top 5 list, right?  You know, it’s the list of 5 people that if you just happened to bump into in a hotel bar, crossed your leg so that slit hikes all the way up, accept the extra dry martini he buys you (and actually enjoy it), then invite him up to your penthouse suite….mmmmmmmmm….*ahem.* Anyway, it’s the five guys you can bang and your significant other can’t get pissed.   Its like a stack of 5 get out of hotness-induced-stupidity-free cards.  I view my Top 5 as an ever-changing sampling of Hollywood’s Finest, but some people have kept the same list for years. (its okay, I understand, John Stamos has aged well.) 

Here is my Hollywood Top 5:

  1. Ryan Reynolds (AKA The Soul Mate…cause he is…one day he’ll realize)
  2. Clive Owen
  3. Eric Dane (AKA McSteamy)
  4. Taylor Kitsch (From Friday Night Lights, also played Gambit in the Wolverine movie)
  5. Gabriel Aubry (AKA Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy)


Creating my UF\PNR Top 5 made me realize my “I’m always attracted to the assholiest of leading men “ genetic defect is worse than I thought.  The men on my list just aren’t very nice…but that’s how I like it.

  1.  Jericho Barrons – Pretty obvious…he appeals to feminine stupidity like no other.  Tall, dark, mysterious, thinks he’s smarter than you…probably is smarter than you, and is some yet-to-be-identified supernatural creature that may or may not kill you while you sleep.  Rawr!
  2. Valerius—To me, Roman = HOT.  I watch Spartacus Blood and Sand, therefore I know these things. 
  3. Adam Black (The Immortal Highlander)—Smart, devious, arrogant, yummy.
  4. Jenks (Big Gulp Sized)—Tink’s little red thong, Jenks makes me feel all pervy when he isn’t 4 inches tall!  But there is something about the Blue Lagoon looks with a foul mouth combo that really gets me.   (And if someone wants to remind me that he is only technically 18, two words: Taylor. Lautner.)
  5. Bowen MacRieve (Immortals After Dark)—The chemistry between Bowen and Mari was just so HOT.  Sigh…I love Bowen.  Oh and any steamy sex scene that involves a boulder…I am in full support of such things.


Honorable Mentions:   Mircea (Cassie Palmer series), Zsadist and Phury (BDB), pretty much any man in the Immortals After Dark series, Trent Kalamack (The Hollows),  Bones (Night Huntress series),  Gideon (Midnight Breeds series), Wraith (Demonica series).

Like my Hollywood Top 5, my UF\PNR list of hotness is fluid and may change with every book I read.  So do tell.  Who did I forget?  Or what hotness am I missing out on?  And who makes your Top 5 lists?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fiction Vixen
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 20:13:07

    I agree with most everyone on your list there. But don’t forget:

    Garreth from Pleasure of A Dark Prince (Kresley Cole) there was steamy sex on a stone altar! 🙂

    And, Cadeon Woede, Dark Desires After Dusk (Kresley Cole). I mean, he’s got horns. Who doesn’t love a horny demon right?


  2. Mandi
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 13:02:36

    Squee!!! Barrons, Valerious and Bowen!! I don’t find a lot that like Valerius and Bowen!! They are s-m-e-x-y. I still laugh when Tabitha offers Valerious the boobaroni noodles…love that book.

    RR does nothing for me..I know..just kick me off your site now. But Clive Owen..yes please 😉


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