Greywalker By Kat Richardson


Kat Richardson excels at creating vivid, fast-moving novels that blend urban fantasy with paranormal mystery. In Greywalker, Seattle P.I. Harper Blaine is viciously attacked and murdered—but after exactly two minutes, somehow she returns to life. Now she’s seeing strange things all around her—dark visions from the shadow world—and living a normal life may no longer be possible no matter how hard she tries.

Greywalker begins with Harper Blaine, P.I., getting the crap beat out of her and then dying for two minutes.  Because of the time she spends hovering between life and death, she becomes a “greywalker,” which basically means she can walk in and out of the shadow world that seems to surround the real world.  All this really means for us readers is that Harper can see ghosts, vampires and other creepy shadow things and will stay sick for the rest of the book. 

My extraordinarily shallow sounding review:  I thought reviewing a book I didn’t like would be easy.  If we are being honest with ourselves, what girl does not excel at bitching about things?  Right?  Yeah, this book just left me bored.  My only real complaint is that the one potential love scene in the book was skipped over, and all we see is the morning after.  Who actually wants to see the morning after?  Can’t we just think back to college for that??  Aside from the lack of hotness, the book was just not fun.  The explanations of the Grey and the physics behind different energy states were painful.  And I am a scientist in real life, for the record.  I dork out on physics all the time.  The descriptions of the Grey itself left me confused.  I feel like it was different every time Harper went in.  Oh and speaking of our heroine…wait maybe we should define heroine.  Heroine:  a woman possessing heroic qualities or a woman who has performed heroic deeds.  Okay, so never mind, there was no heroine in the book, because Harper stayed sick and achy the entire time from going into the Grey, while her ‘friends’ saved the day.  The supporting cast was okay, but no one had real personality.  The villain was only seen for about 5 seconds and I was sorta fuzzy on his motives anyway.   So yeah, when I read books from these genres, I expect fun, attractive characters, decent plots and entertaining dialogue.  Oh and SEX SCENES or sexual tension at the very least.  This book had none of these things, and I just couldn’t get into it. 

Rating: A very generous 3


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